Benefits of Brand Mascot

October 21, 2020


In basic terms, in design and marketing, a mascot is a character, a personified image that becomes a symbolic representation of a brand, company or even a public figure. The term origins from the French word “mascotte” that means lucky charm. 

In a brand context, a company mascot is defined as a fictional spokesperson for a company or product. They can be anything from anthropomorphized animals or objects to cartoon depictions of humans—or even actors pretending to be actual people. 

Benefit of mascots  

Memorability and Recognizability 

Mascots create awareness among the public and thus helping your brand become more recognizable compare to others. In the other words, mascots are trying to exemplify your brand’s personality, and this makes your customers easy to understand your brand and business. Mascots not only able to grab the attention, but also will engage your audience to keep your brand on top of mind. It becomes an identifiable icon if an attractive character can make its way to the public consciousness. This lead mascots tend to create media exposure and excitement so that it is often photographed or filmed by mass media when a company going for an event.  

Emotional Appeal 

A mascot is one of the methods that do provide emotional triggers and feedback as it evoking strong emotions feelings rather than rational appeal. It’s fun and entertaining to watch and thus helps to control the perceptions of a brand. This might also result in better brand name recall and mass appeal to multiple markets, enable more customers engagement for your message. For instance, The BSN cat can be immaculately dressed and possess an air of friendly confidence to show their specialty.

Unique Form of Advertising 

A mascot is a lucky charm that always brings happiness to us, it is very hard for the people who simply move past them. Unlike other forms of advertising, mascot is a “living body” that provides a unique and effective opportunity for the public to know about your brand. As a result, people are more likely to communicate with the mascot as their entertaining personalities and have the chance of photo shooting with it. A likable spokes character can instantly create a positive connection with your potential customers whereas other forms of advertising can easily be forgotten and bored.  

Low cost marketing activity 

Mascot is a great cost-effective advertising solution for companies to compare to other forms of marketing. This is because mascot can be said as a long-term investment as you pay once for it and can be used for time and time again with proper care and maintenance. This means that a mascot is such a unique form of direct advertising which guaranteed memorable and can be used to promote your company without having to spend more money. In addition, mascot tends to provide the visual reminder which can be used on hand out printing advertisements, digital advertisement, and physical product such as packaging which show a branded mascot’s lifespan is guaranteed to be longer.   

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