Guide: 6 Main Steps in Creating Mascot

December 4, 2020

Mascots can be a valuable tool to help connect with your audience, increase competitive spirit, and improve your organization’s presence. The right mascot can build your brand recognizable and ultimately increase in revenue. However, a bad mascot can even damage your brand and hurt your company’s reputation (here are a few). In this article, we will tell you a “mascot story” which included every stage of the creation process, to ensure that you get the perfect mascot for your business.  

Step 1

Consider your audience

Although mascots are likable by most people anytime and anywhere, the very first step is to determine how do you want your target audience to perceive the brand mascot. Next, you should create some personality or traits for your mascot to share the common values, culture, and behavior of your company to your audience. For example, children are funny and playful, but then bank customers are inclined to calm and friendly. Consequently, you can decide on how to introduce your company by selecting a mascot type. Is it an animal, an object, or a character? Ask yourself. 

Step 2

Create a concept art 

Creating a mascot concept is the key step in the creative process. A perfect mascot character that you create not only will reflect your company vision but also will give your brand the “living face” and exact characteristic that you want to show to. In this step, you must avoid the unattractive product image such as washing floors detergent and toilet paper that look unaesthetic in advertising. However, you can use the alternative of creating a character like Mr. Clean for your product. Or you can tell us about your project and share the picture that you have. No worries if you do not have. Leave it to us! By looking at your specific needs, we can help you turn your ideas into sketches and create a unique mascot for your brand. 

  • Quick Tip; share your mascot designs with your audiences/fanbase. Make a poll on social media!
Step 3


Pre-production will start once the artwork is completed and satisfied with you. During this step, we will transform the hand sketch into computer-generated artwork. Besides, every detail of your mascot from material to accessories will be provided and show to you as well. This due to double-checking the color, size and materials used in your mascot before going for the production stage. Any issue should be solved in this step and we will try to decide the best solution for you by a comprehensive quote that outlines every detail imaginable from your mascot. 

Step 4

Building the mascot 🤖👽😼🤴 

After done all the creation process. We start building mascot for you. Our mascot production lead time takes about 3-4 weeks minimum to complete. By creating your mascot, we will keep you up to date throughout the entire process. As the expertise of creating mascot, we make sure that each piece of your costume will be carefully measured and constructed to ensure the mascot same as the artwork.  Rest assured that there will be no shortcuts and step missing while crafting your mascot. For sure, you can expect the best workmanship from our team 🙌!

Step 5

Review and Delivery

In this stage, the mascot is ready for delivery & before your mascots are sent to you, we will photograph your mascot from every different angle and send them to you for approval. We do provide some basic care and maintenance information that will help you extend the life of your mascot, as well as some performer tips to help your mascot look full of vitality. After done checking and made the payment, we will ship your mascot to your doorstep, or you can pick it up by yourself from us. 

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Step 6


Mascot’s marketing journey won’t stop here because we believe after-sales service is important for every character to prolong their life span. As mascot can be used in the long term, therefore, we do provide some cleaning, maintenance, and upgrade service to keep your mascot looks new and clean. 

If there is anything you need, just ask us for help. No matter mascot design or tips for proper maintenances, contact us 📧 or follow our blog for updates!

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