Mascots might be what your brand needs

December 3, 2020

The numerous advantages of mascots do not necessarily mean that every business needs them. Check if your company fits into one of these categories: 

  • Complicated services. It can be difficult for insurance, financial, and IT companies to get closer to the audience. Mascots are a clever idea: remember the dog and gecko from the insurance companies MetLife and Geico. 
  • A somewhat unattractive product image (😓sorry).  Washing floors, dirty dishes, and toilet paper look unaesthetic in advertising. Mascots like Mr. Clean are an alternative. 
  • Young audiences. Thanks to its children friendly look, the mascot helps the brand resonate with young consumers. This is especially true for companies producing snacks or sweets (Haribo, Cheetos, Nesquik). 

4 Reasons that you need a Mascot 

Mascots are used to act as a brand ambassador for your company. They such a social media focus point and visible at the events or exhibitions. In fact, mascots are especially useful for promoting business and connect with your audience in their own ways. Apart from their benefits, we also discover some of the reasons that your company really needs a mascot. 


Mascots are Ageless 

According to the research, it shows that mascots are more effective than celebrities at engaging and driving social media. This is because the ages of your mascots remain constant as both your business and brand grow afterward. Unlike spokespeople that will age or damage your brand reputation from their behavior, mascots can consider as a better way to become your brand representatives. Thus, the interaction between mascots and the audience could develop a closer relationship for your product because they tend to create a positive connection by their ageless and likable face.   

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Mascots add Personality to your Brand & 🔓 new possibility for social media. 

Creating a brand personality goes far beyond getting the right messaging to your target audience. An effective brand personality increases its brand equity by having a consistent set of traits which is a challenging task to achieve for most businesses. However, creating your own mascots by gives your brand a face, a character and a personality or traits play a crucial role in developing and maintaining a strong brand, among others. In this way, a mascot adds personality to your brand and makes it easier for you to create a physical and emotional connection with your audience. Mascots also symbolize the spirit of your company which able to show something about your organization such as vision, mission, product, etc.   

Let your fans help you do the work

Every mascot is very familiar with selfies. Whenever CAM the Ram goes into public, there’s a line of people waiting to take a picture with him. Where do they post those pictures? Social media, of course. And some of the photos are pretty hilarious. When content is slow, share curated content.For example, Hokie shared this photo a fan took of him doing yoga. (Also 😂 so funny.)

Post the behind-the-scenes content

Seeing a mascot at the big game is great, yes. There’s definitely a place for that content on a mascot’s social media account. But what fans really seem to get a kick out of is the random content. The moments you don’t get to see. The moments that make a mascot more human (or animal?)For example, Michigan State University’s Sparty playing the carillon.
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Mascots are Unique

Every mascot has its own different and fantastic way to engage their audience. This is because every mascot is designed with different appearances which makes every mascot looks unique. They not only engage the audience through social media but also have a unique ability to entertain and engage in real life. This show mascot can be marketed on multiple platforms and did an amazing job of draw attention whenever they go. They become powerful than life characters that can engage in a way that no one else can do. Trust me, using a mascot will be a winning strategy to bring people together and create lasting memories with your brand in mind at the end. 


Mascots are cost-effective 

Many people believe that mascot is a big brand marketing tool that could come with a huge cost, but that is far from the truth. In contrast, mascot is an incredibly cost-effective marketing tool that will help your organization to better communicate with your audience in a different medium and thus increase your revenue. This is because the customize mascots can even be turned into toys and sold which will increase your brand visibility and recognition. Moreover, mascots enhance the online presence of your business too. For example, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter which are the perfect platform to bring your mascot to life and connect with your audience directly by posting photo or video of mascot. When compared to celebrities’ endorsements, mascots are an extremely less expensive and efficient way to acts like spokespeople as well.  

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